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SERVICES - Website Redesign

Is your website in need of a new layout? Have your customers brought issues of usability and navigation to your attention? We can help you. We can come up with a custom up-to-date layout and reworking of your website. We will ensure that your website is as effective tool as possible for both you and your customers.

A customized, templated look and feel, from scratch, catered to the needs of your business.  We will create a template based on the needs of your business and the message you want to convey to your customers.

We will ensure that your customers are provided with the same navigation throughout your site, in order to ensure maximum usability.

If you ever decide that you wish to change your layout for any reason (e.g. add a menu item to it), our template approach will allow us to quickly, easily, and accurately make any changes to your layout by changing one file, as opposed to changing every page on a website. This ensures that your changes will be made in the most cost-effective, accurate, and rapid manner possible.

Image and code speed optimization. We will ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible by using the minimum required code, as well as making sure all images are as small in file size as possible while still maintaining image integrity.

Search engine optimization is an important feature to any website. Often, the only way a potential visitor will find your site is through doing a web search. Oceania specializes in optimizing your website to maximize the results of search engine searches. There are many techniques to achieving higher search engine results.

Ability to add programming/development features. If your website has specific programming and development needs, the layouts we create are customized to precisely fit those needs.

For more information, please feel free to contact us or request a no-obligation quote.

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